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Our Services

  • Testing and analyzing of clients in-house water supplies for the presence of bacteria, fungi, organic and inorganic compounds, taste and odor.
  • Installation of the optimal water treatment and purification system based on the client's informed, educated and affortable choice.
  • Routine monitoring of installed components to minimized equiptment failure and ensure timely replacement of expired filters and components.
  • Design and Installation of Industrial, Commercial & Household Filtration System and Water Refilling Station

  •   Benefits and services  
  • Free design and setup installation
  • Free assistance consultation on business start-up
  • Free ocular inspection by NUBD
  • Water Refilling Station Maintenance
  • Technical Services
  • Membrane Cleaning
  • PROCON/Pump-head Repair
  • Rehabilitation
  • Upgrading Services
  • Parts/ Filters / Supplies
  • Others (Site Assistance, Renovation on Site & Free Layout Design of Stickers )
  • Site assistance, renovation services & free layout design on sticker and logos
  •   Social Media

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